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Monday, March 23, 2015

Custom Laptop Bag 2 - 2015

So.. long time no see (read).. been soo long when I last blog about something. I was so busy with mommy duties and building a career that I have to park my first love first... as we all know the girls specially that "first love never dies" in my case writing down my daily musings. I promised myself this year I will indulge and will write more.

For my first post I would like to update the custom laptop bags on my previous post which is way way back in 2010 (wow! that was like 5 years ago.. how time flies O_o ).  By the way the laptop bag I custom ordered before is still in perfect condition and that inspired me to write a new one, though the amount is a bit pricey than usual I must say it is one of those purchases that is truly worth every penny.

So for updates here are the site I found selling custom laptop bags/sleeve that you might want to checkout.

Cafe Press  I found this when I am looking for a new laptop bag. They have an option when you can submit your own graphic design which is great for people like me who love color A LOT (the brighter, colorful the better! ;) ) hey can't blame me when things at work gets a bit stressful I can just look at my bag and the world is right again lols. They also have solid color options which is great for peeps who like to keep things minimal but the best part is you can also add (text to your design) so perfect for people who like to express themselves and also a great way to personalize your bag right!

I also found this great seller at etsy the shop name is Borsa Bella! Which reminds of the shop Rebe which I bought my previous custom bag from.  At Borsa Bella you can choose the fabric you want and they have padding and lining with cotton lining that would be easy for Machine Wash.. plus they have nylon strap that will make everything easier for us busy girls to carry this laptop bag.

For those who doesn't want a bag I found a seller at etsy that offers custom sleeves. Which are very shabby chic. I also love patterns and this shop offers patterns and color which are very pleasing and will sure add a pop of color and cheer if your having one of those days..  the shop name is The PreppyLadyBug from the name this sleeve can be use for work and if you have your own business will also make a statement if you bring this to any meeting. A great way to stand out and look fashionable at the same time.

Hope you guys find these useful! Feel free to check out these suggestions.  :) 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Custom Laptop Bag

Hi Guys! 

  I was surfing the net today for a site that customize laptop bags.. you see I got a vanity issue with regards to things I have or rather any accessories I have. I wanted  to be unique and the least that I want was to walk in the street or some place were I will have someone walking pass me wearing or holding the same thing I have its like walking in a room where some girl was wearing the same dress as you do.. horrible right?!  

So the search begins.. all I could find was laptop bags that can be customize with the size of your laptop although I found some interesting laptop bags in Etsy handmade laptop bags and a site in multiply that sells fabulous design that I like the site is fashion monster laptop bags the site is based in the Philippines. Feel free to click on the sites and I'm telling you will not be disappointed with the designs the one posted is from fashion monster. 

But as I've said I really wanted to find a laptop bag that only me have so I remembered one site that I ordered my laptop bag 2 years ago the site was rebe okey incase your wondering why i didn't check the site pronto well I was thinking due to recession many shop closed (sigh).. so lucky me the site was still active so to all vanity driven chicka's  like me you can check out the site. The thing is you will choose a predominant color of your choice then you can describe your traits in the note section then viola! the fun part is its like a box of chocolates you tell them what you want then they do the work for you but still the end product is to be seen when you receive your package of course! what I did with mine is I told them my colors and my character then they designed the fabric for me..  here's the laptop bag I first ordered mine was kerry laptop sleeve and boy was I happy when I received it.. well you can say that its was so me! and they also sells wide range of accesories so just check out the site.

Monday, June 28, 2010

YoungFunFab First Blog

Hi Guys!

Thanks for reading and visiting my page. A little something about myself I am a home based working mom. On my free time I write whatever random stuff that comes to my mind. I love traveling, eating out, hanging out with my hubby and little lady. Also have a thing for any beauty products, bags and shoes. So feel free to read and let me know what you think! :)